We are a dealer for Champion. They are constructed of an aluminum frame covered with a stainless steel mesh. Made to last! We are so confident of this – we will even stand behind our product & installation for the next twenty years!

The Champion system is a very strong and dependable gutter protection system prefect for our homes. It consists of a stainless steel micro mesh laid on top of your gutters, preventing all debris from entering the gutter system.

The front leg of the Champion is securely fastened to the front of your gutter while the back is attached directly to the fascia which creates a slight forward slope. This ensures unprecedented strength for your gutter system by making the otherwise weak gutter system a closed member. An embossed texture on the Champion helps deter debris from sticking and together with the mesh, keeps leaves, twigs, pine needles and other small debris out of your gutter system.

Because the Champion is fastened directly to the fascia, it means that it does not interfere with your roof shingles at all. It also allows the water to drop directly down from the roof and directly into the fine mesh. Water from the roof will never splash out of the guards as can sometimes be the case.

Our process of installation is very thorough!

  • Completely clean out your gutters
  • Repair or refasten gutters as needed
  • Wash out with water to clean and test for clogging in downfalls.
  • Our Champion guards are fastened both to the gutter & soffit in order to provide maximum strength.
  • We can make your gutters shine on the outside with “Gutter Majic”

Power Washing Service

We serve both residential & commercial customers
What sets us apart from our competition

  • Use all environment friendly products.
  • We provide hot water for thorough cleaning.
  • and washing as needed
  • We do the extras that makes a big difference
  • Careful to protect your home – We work with tender, loving care because it’s your home!

Other Services we offer

  • Deck washing & staining
  • Window washing (interior & exterior)
  • Painting
  • Minor repairs to decks & home